"When I first started seeing Faun for massages two years ago, I was looking for massage therapy that would help me recover from workout soreness and tension I held in my upper back. What I found was so much more: from immediate relief of minor injuries like a pulled muscle, to ongoing therapy to correct years of misalignment due to past sprains and strains, to preventive treatment to help me perform better in upcoming activities and races – she does it all. I visit Faun on a regular basis, and she’s always able to find a time to fit me in when I hurt myself and need something extra in between my normal sessions."

-Gillian Byron, Traverse City


"I have been getting massage from Faun for two years.  She has done a wonderful job helping me heal injuries (old and new) and even gives me exercises to do between massages.  Now I feel better all the time and not just immediately after the massage."

-Dale Westerman, Traverse City


"Faun was my fitness instructor and knew of my neck issues (spondylosis).  She mentioned she was a massage therapist and that she thought she could help me.  I had had many years of massage therapy and thought they just didn’t work anymore.  Well, I was wrong.  I was used to getting the loving rub down that makes you feel good for the moment but didn’t really offer a long term solution.  I went to Faun and had my first deep tissue massage.  I scheduled 3 in a row to see if it really worked.  It wasn’t relaxing!  She really worked me over and I wondered what had I got myself into.  It was AMAZING!!  After the 3 sessions I realized I didn’t have the chronic pain and heaviness in my head.  The relief was something I hadn’t felt in years.  I was happy to come back and know that if I continue going on a maintenance  basis I actually may have found a way to live relatively pain free."

-Teri Kelly, Traverse City