"I came to see Faun because I had extreme lower back pain and shooting pain down my right leg close to 24 hours a day.  Faun knew exactly how to address my issues and after a few months of treatment my pain is virtually gone. With her guidance on stretching at home, and biweekly short sessions, the pain has stayed away! Hands down the best money I've spent in the last 3 years trying to find some relief. I highly recommend her any chance I get!"

-Pat Looney, Elk Rapids





My objective is to become your partner in health and wellness and to help guide you to a more optimal state

Drawing from over 13 years of professional experience, the therapy I offer is eclectic.  My work is based on a series of assessments.  I look at the whole picture and am thinking of my client's long term functionality.   I won't get you where you want to be.  You get you where you want to be and I inspire and facilitate that process.  

I hold a Bachelor's Degree from WMU in Psychology and Biology (2000), became a Certified Fitness Trainer in 2004, a Medical Massage Therapist in 2010, have many fitness and nutrition certificates and have completed continuing education credits in between.

If you haven't been feeling your best, I am glad you are here.  I can't wait to meet you and help you FEEL BETTER!!